How to get over your moods in life

Most of the time you are unaware of your mood, unknowingly you keep on working for it the whole day. And you never realize this mistake.

You feel it to be an easy going thing to follow your moods but no, you have to follow your dreams. Follow something new, follow something difficult and different to achieve .Don’t go for the easy path.

Make every day of your life as hell adventurous and engaging that makes you to feel above all the moody creatures around you.

Here I go with some of the amazing tips to rise above your moods.

1. Start afresh without delay

Action is the first step to success. Daydreaming and excessive thought procedure will never work. Good thoughts are necessary for high spirits but thinking alone never works. Just learn to act. If you wish to achieve something, take the first step. No matter how small it is. But don’t wait, just give it a start.

Once you get the rhythm, start collecting all the sources and stuffs related to that work bit by bit. Here you start engaging yourself. You start focusing in your own life. You leave your moods and rise above the foolish imaginations. Thus the journey towards perfection gets an exciting kick start and this is what you needed.

2. Don’t lose your patience

The basic problem of moodiness is the anxiety and restlessness to achieve something big in life. When the time starts elapsing and you don’t find any dramatic big change in your life, again you move towards your moods. You start doing things in which you find pleasure. You like the things which give you immediate result. You always try to achieve the goal with a short term enthusiasm that finally ends into nothing.

Always keep in mind that over enthusiasm is equivalent to fatality of one’s dream. Better try to be patient. Calm down yourself. Energy beyond requirement will start haunting you to achieve your goals in no time. And when you don’t see anything happening like that, you get frustrated. At this time you lose hope and leave the work all of a sudden. But escaping is never a solution. Instead tighten your moods and feelings and strongly set yourself to work. That’s all, rest will follow itself.

3. Create your own environment

If you say that you are a chaser of your dreams then chase them properly. Just don’t make stupid statements. To master any field you need to give it an enriched start with proper awareness. Here the basic is knowledge.

Every field starves for knowledge; whether it is singing, acting, dancing, cooking fitness or anything. Education is the source of every field. You need to achieve the purest expert education of your field. And the most fantasizing thing is that you can achieve education at any time, at any place and in any form.

Books and pens are not the only accessories of education. Just you need to create your own environment, which revolves around your goals. Start your day with the remembrance of this goal. Do not allow the polluted thoughts to enter your mind.
Give passage only to the purest thoughts which directly link you to the motive in your life. This will make you a more effective being. This you won’t need to force your mind towards the important things in your life. It will automatically start working in that flow.

4. Become a long distance runner

Life is like a marathon. More the stamina greater is the level of perfection. You would never be successful in over one night. It takes time and consistent practice. Always remember that an initiator is a learner, not the teacher. You are to learn, not to dictate. Never leave your generosity. True learners keep on researching and polishing themselves. They are the real marathons. They never get exhausted. Their duration of rest is never less than few seconds. This stamina to maintain the consistency comes from long practice and the ability to say no to the distractible things in their life.

You too can be a wonderful long distance runner. Just remove the word ‘quit’ from your dictionary. Never ever even think of quitting. Because once you quit, you lose. There is no place for quitters in this extraordinarily competitive world. Keep on moving, though slowly but don’t stop.

5. Realize your potentials

You can never win your moods unless you find something encouraging in yourself. You need an intense spark within you. You need to find your talents. That one thing which makes you realize superior than others will persuade you to leave your comforts and go for it. Thus it is necessary to realize your potentials. And if you don’t find one then go on haunting it every second. Try for multiple of choices you feel like doing. Just because that hidden talent is not visible publicly doesn’t mean you are dumb. Even you could be secretly best and you yourself are not aware of it. It can be anything.

For example you can be an amazing cook or an extraordinary driver or a brain full of common sense or a crazy fan of interior decors or an enormous GK holder. Here the talents I mentioned are mostly unnoticed in public and the failure of recognition brings inferiority within you.

Always remember no talent is big or small. Even a washer man is someone talented who is a perfectionist at washing clothes. The need is to respect what you have within you and cherish it every day.

So just get up all you moods and spend every bit of your time in polishing what you have no matter what is it. Don’t follow the trend, follow your inner spark. Improve it every day. Learn a new thing every day. Don’t let your hunger die. Just improve your art and once everyone else would realize that enormous potential you have developed through everyday learning’s.

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