Best PUBG Mobile Emulator

Best PUBG Mobile Emulator To Emulate PUBG Mobile On Windows&Mac PC

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is one of first online royale battle games which revolutionized Android gaming. Its quite famous these days because of its realistic graphics and awesome sound effects.

But if you want to enjoy PUBG at its full potential, surely you must try PUBG on PC at least once. In this post, I will tell you how to play PUBG mobile on PC.

Although the easiest method to play PUBG mobile on PC is to use android emulators, but there are some better options too (I will discuss them later in the same post). So let’s explore the best PUBG mobile emulator for your PC.

1. Tencent Gaming Buddy (Tencent’s Best Ever Emulator For PUBG Mobile)

Tencent PUBG emulator is officially launched by creators of PUBG game. It allows you to emulate an Android version of PUBG on your Windows PC. It smoothly emulates Android (KitKat 4.4) along with controller support even on mid-range PCs.

You can download Tencent gaming buddy from there official site.

However official PUBG emulator is still in beta phase (under development), that’s why you may notice occasional frame drops.

You can fix lag and freeze issue using some tweaks. I would suggest you to check out this amazing tutorial on how to setup Tencent gaming buddy and adjust emulator settings for best Performance.

2. Install Pheonix OS (Run PUBG run PUBG natively On PC)

If you want to enjoy PUBG with 10 times better quality, Pheonix is far better than any PUBG mobile emulator. Unlike other android emulators, Pheonix is a complete Android operating system. That’s why it can run PUBG mobile natively on your PC instead of just emulating the app.

Since it runs PUBG natively hence it allows you to fully utilize your system resources (RAM and GPU).

Pheonix natively runs PUBG on your PC instead of emulating it, that’s why it is my favorite one. Since it is a full-fledged Android Operating System hence it provides a better experience on big screens.

Pheonix smoothly runs on Android 7.0 Nougat and supports screen recording too.

Before we proceed on how to install Pheonix, you must understand the risks involved. We do not take guarantee of any system issues or data loss. On another hand, if you know what you are doing then installing Phenix on Windows is as easy as a cakewalk.

How To Setup Pheonix For PUBG Mobile

STEP 1:- Create new hard disk partition

  • Search “partition” on Windows search and select “create and format hard disk partitions” as shown below. It will open windows disk management utility.
  • Select disk in which you want to install Pheonix, then right click on it and select shrink volume.
  • Enter the amount of disk to shrink and then hit the Shrink button. After that click next and rename newly created partition.
  • At this point, you can see a new partition at My Computer.
how to play pubg mobile on pc

STEP 2:- Download and install Pheonix OS

  • First of all, navigate to the official site of Pheonix and download EXE installer for Windows (663.9 MB).
Pheonix OS installer
  • Extract downloaded file and run Pheonix installer and select partition created in step 1. The installation process is straight forward, just keep proceeding.
  • After installation, reboot your PC and select Pheonix OS at the boot menu. From next time, you can directly boot to Phoenix using a shortcut on Windows desktop.

STEP 3:- Configure Pheonix OS

Once you are inside Pheonix select setting icon at the bottom left corner of the screen. Then navigate to Language and Input >> Virtual Keyboard >> Manage Keyboards and choose “Android Keyboard A0SP”.

Now you are ready to run Pubg mobile on Pheonix OS. Just download PUBG mobile from Google play store and enjoy PUBG on PC.

3. Nox Player (The Fastest Android Emulator)

In case, neither Tencent emulator is working on your PC nor you want to install a new OS on your PC, Nox android emulator is another nice option to play PUBG mobile on PC.

Nox supports Android 4.4.2 & 5.1.1 with high FPS and smooth graphics. It is stable, fast and compatible with almost all Android games.

You can download Nox from bignox website.

4. MEMU App Player (Smooth Android Emulation)

Memu is also one of the fastest android emulators for PC. If none of the above options worked for you, then this is another alternative way to go with. It is specially customized for PUBG mobile to provide flexible controls and higher frame rates. All these features make it one of the best PUBG mobile emulator.

Go ahead and download memu app player from memuplayer site.

How to Bypass Emulator Detected Error In PUBG Mobile (PUBG Mobile Emulator Detected Fix)

Have you noticed error “Emulator detected. Your team or you will only be paired with other players on emulator” while playing PUBG on PC?

bypass emulator detected pubg mobile

If you are using NOX or MEMU emulator, then there are higher chances that you encounter this error.

According to a Reddit user, PUBG mobile can detect players using emulator and put them in dedicated servers. But that’s not a big issue because all emulator players are paired with other players on the emulator. This makes it fair for all and I appreciate developers for this emulator friendly algorithm.

But still, if you want to get rid of it, we have some awesome tricks for PUBG mobile to bypass emulator detection. Here are two working tricks:-

  • Clear cache of the android emulator to bypass emulator detected error in PUBG mobile. Go to settings >> apps >> PUBG mobile >> clear data and cache. Repeat this every time you login to PUBG mobile using android emulator.
  • Use native android environment like Pheonix to avoid emulator detection (well, I already told you 😉 )

FAQs Regarding PUBG Mobile Emulator

I am using a high-end PC but still, PUBG emulator is lagging in my PC?

Since emulators just emulate android environment hence they never fully utilize specifications of the system. But still, you can try some tweaks in Tencent gaming buddy to fix unexpected lags. Alternatively, you can go with Android OS like Pheonix or Remix.

Can’t connect to PUBG server using Pheonix OS?

First of all, check your internet connectivity and ethernet cable etc. If the issue still not resolved, check out some solutions by official PUBG team.

How do I download Tencent’s PUBG Mobile emulator on a 2GB RAM PC?

Here is a Quora answer on running PUBG with low specs.

What are the differences in PUBG and PUBG mobile?

Like other battle royale battle games, PUBG also comes in two variants, Android (free) and PC (paid) versions. Android version is a miniature of the original one with some modification. Here are top 10 biggest differences.

Does PUBG mobile have bots when you use PUBG emulator?

Yes, according to reputable sources, there may be some bots to fill 100 spots. But playing via emulator has no impact.

How to identify bots in PUBG mobile at first sight?

Well, you can easily distinguish between a real player and bots by observing their odd behavior. You can check out this list of methods to spot bots in PUBG

How to identify bots in PUBG mobile at first sight?

Well, you can easily distinguish between a real player and bots by observing their odd behavior. You can check out this list of methods to spot bots in PUBG.

Which one is the best emulator for PUBG?

You can go with Tencent gaming buddy or Pheonix OS, both are good and recommended.

Lets Play PUBG!

Here ends our list of the best PUBG mobile emulator to emulate PUBG mobile on Windows & Mac PC. Don’t forget to tell which PUBG emulator you prefer to play PUBG on PC. If you liked this post, Share it and Enjoy!

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