upi transaction failed but amount debited

UPI Transaction Failed But Money Deducted From Account [SOLUTION 2019]

Right now in 2019, UPI is most easy and convenient method of payment in India. Though it is secure and all in one payment gateway but sometimes it causes headache. These days it is common trouble that UPI transaction failed but money deducted from account. Today we are going to share how to solve failed UPI transaction problem.

Apps are offering attractive cashback on UPI transactions that’s why popularity is increasing. But transaction failure is common issue even in best UPI apps. That’s why you must know what to do in case of failed UPI transactions.

Solution UPI Transaction Failed But Money Deducted From Account

UPI transaction failure is itself not a big issue because you can re-initiate your transaction. Instead condition becomes more painful when transaction fails and money get deducted from bank account. In this case you should follow below three steps.

#1 Wait And Watch !

Sounds weird? Well its true. Auto-reconciliation mechanism of modern banks automatically return excess debit without a corresponding credit. Hence it would be best option to wait at least 3-4 hours and allow banks to restore your money. Just relax and do your work without any tension.

Even authority sites like truecaller and goibibo recommend waiting for at least 48 hours. 

Passed hours still money not refunded? Then you must roll on to next step.

#2 Contact Your Bank

Best option for any kind of transaction issue is to contact your bank, so same with this case. Do’t worry, there is no need to visit bank for this. You can do it in three steps:-

  • First of all, visit official site of your bank and note there contact number.
  • Call them, enjoy pre-recorded bla bla bla! Then choose option to talk to customer care representative.
  • They will ask date and time when UPI transaction failed etc. Explain them issue and they will register your complain.

Now bank officials will check your UPI transaction details and refund extra debited money. Generally, all complains are resolved within one week, so wait patiently.

#3 Contact UPI App Support Team

Honestly, this does not helps much but sometimes it solves issue much faster. What you have to do is go to help section of UPI app and message about issue. Don’t forget to mention UPI transaction number. Explain your problem with complete details and they will get in touch with you.

#4 Seek Help At PG Portal (The Last Option)

Many visitors complained in comments that their money not got refunded even after 2-3 months. Furthermore, both bank and UPI app support team denied any help. In case, there seems no way to get money back. Luckily there is still hope for you!

Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (i.e. pgportal) is initiated by the government of India to resolve grievances of citizens. This is the place where you can seek for help regarding your problem. But use it as the last tool after waiting for at least 30-40 days. So if both parties denied to help you, only then use this option.

Just visit CPGRAMS site and register your complaint. They will issue complaint number which can be used to check the status of complaint regarding UPI transaction failure. Their officials will get in touch with the bank and will definitely help to resolve UPI transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Tez transaction failed but amount debited?

Tez is one of my favorite UPI payment app because of cool scratch cards. Though chances of UPI failure are less but if something wrong happens, you can get help. To create support ticket in Tez app, open Google pay UPI app and navigate to Settings >> Help & Feedback >> Contact.

Google pay customer care number => You can directly chat with customer care by selecting Phone option in contact us section.

Google Tez also have its own tez support forum to resolve general issues.

Problem with UPI transaction on Phonepe app?

Create support ticket in PhonePe app by navigating to My Account >> Help >> issue with the transaction.

Alternatively, you can shoot a mail at support@phonepe.com with your UPI transaction details.

Sent money through Paytm’s BHIM UPI but receiver did not get it?

Select 24×7 help option from left menu bar. Choose your problem type and inform them about failed UPI transaction issue. For more information, you can check official paytm blog.

Problem with your bank UPI app?

You can visit UPI page of your respective bank or call customer care. Here are some helpful links hdfc upi, citibank upi, axis upi.

Bank Of Baroda UPI complaint email id:- upiproject@bankofbaroda.com

Other helpful links.

Problem still not resolved? Here is something really helpful for you, read what expert says about failed UPI at Quora. You must also read how to get refund for failed UPI.

Hope It Help !

So these are things you can do to get refund for failed UPI transaction. Hope it help you to solve problem, UPI transaction failed but money deducted from bank.

It is my personal opinion that you must keep patience while solving such issues. So keep smiling and enjoy tension free life till bank resolves issue. Or leave a comment below and I will try to help you.

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  1. My problem is i have sbi insta saving account which have limit of 1 lakh for incoming transaction and limit was exceeded so at that i have total balance of 11000 so i tried to transfer them to my second account but transaction failed and money didn’t come back its been more than 20 days i used paytm upi to transfer and sbi is my account i am not getting help from both of them paytn saying we successfully refunded and sbi saying we have successfully processed transaction they are not talking about reversal help me suggest me a way please.

      • Hello phone pe transaction 70000 amount transfered fail the amount is 4 days debit the account 2 days after with phone pe confirmation transaction is credited my account but account is not credited i will contact phone pe they will utr transaction number is confirmed i contact both phone pe and sbi they are obligated that’s your problem both sbi and phone pe how will I transaction is resolved the problem

      • I was trying to send money from a particular bank …its deducted from my account ..thereafter it showing transaction failed due upi incorrect…but amount has not been refund to my bank account…its very very urgent…what is the solution for it now..

    • I am also facing a same problem bro..
      9 days passed since my balance is deducted while transaction.
      Any suggestions u want to give?

  2. failed bhim upi transaction for recharge but my money is debited, how to my money credited ? i want to my money back

    • In such cases, generally money is refunded within a week. If not refunded, please create support ticket using app.

      If need any help, please feel free.


  3. Hello

    I am Biplaba Kumar Rout. I really want to drag your attention towards one transaction of mine which I did on PhonePe App on dated 20th Dec from my Bank of Baroda account(Acc. no-xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, xyz branch) to State Bank of India account(Acc. No-xxxxxxxxxxx, abc Branch)worth Rs. 15000/- with
    Transaction I’d-Pxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    This amount credited to my SBI account instantly but after a few minutes that money automatically debited from my SBI account with the statement showing “TO TRANSFER UPI/REV/xxxxxxxxxx”.

    Then that money neither credited to my SBI account nor to the Bank of Baroda account. I have also register a complaint near PhonePe team with Ticket id-#xxxxxxxx.

    They request me to consult with both the branch then I also visited both the branches but it becomes zero outcome.

    It is long 13 days and still I doubt from where I will get my Money back.

    So kindly help me out of this trouble

    Thanks and regards
    Biplaba Kumar Rout

    • Hi Biplaba

      As you described, I think amount should be credited back to Bank of Baroda account. I would suggest you to contact branch manager, he/she may able to help you.

        Bank Of Baroda customer care number:- 18002584455 / 18001024455

      If none of methods work and money not refunded within 30 days, you can register a complaint at Public Grievance Portal :- https://pgportal.gov.in/


      • Same problem like B Kumar rout but 50000/- on 20th Dec through phone pe..in this case SBI account to SBI account through phone pe..amount successfully credited to receiver SBI account and reversed..but amount gone some where…both SBI branches and phone pe not responding.. Please help.

        • I am also suffering from same problem.
          Can u please tell me how to get refund of it?

          Please help me to get refund.
          I am in problem cause of lack of money.

      • Hi even I m facing same problem.. 15 k debited… I complained ICICI bank and they told it’s reversed…but it’s not yet reversed…it’s already been a week… They r not denying that amount is not credited.. they r asking time…what should I do now..???

        • Hi Vaishnavi,

          If they are reviewing the transaction, it’s great!

          I think you should wait and let them resolve the issue. Sometimes it may take longer. So patiently wait for at least 4-5 days.


    • Hi bro, same problem on my case. It also completed 16 days of the transaction and money not credited to any account. What can I do?

  4. Yesterday on Dated 01.01.2019, a sum or Rs. 4200/- transferred through BHIM SBI Pay at 12:57:30 pm, but till date no amount has been received by the beneficiary under UPI Reference No. xxxxxxxxxxxx. Now I want refund the same in my account.

    with regard

    • Hi Sudesh

      It would be best option to create support ticket by navigating BHIM SBI Pay App >> History (Recent Transactions) >> Raise Dispute.

        You can also seek clarifications regarding failed SBI UPI transactions by mailing at support.upi@sbi.co.in

        BHIM SBI Pay customer care number :- 1800112211 / 18004253800

      Hope this help you. Keep visiting.

  5. I send the money to bookmyshow in 05.12.2018 ..the Money send through the Google pay…. But bookmyshow not confirmed the ticket ..the transaction is failed.. They refund the amount in 06.12.2018 ..the give me the reference ID of the refund transaction …but I didn’t received the money now itself.. Both the side no response ..
    Plzz kindly help me

  6. Dear sir. On 1/1/19 11000 rs is Transfered through UPI number xxxxxxxxxxx. From corporation bank to SBI. But the amount once created n debited. But the debited amount is not refunded. If I ask in bank both SBI and Corporation bank. They are not responsible it seems. Now what should I do. N how can i get money back

  7. Sir I do transaction through bhim UPI an amount of 13000 but there show that transaction failed but money is debited from my account.I am very sad whatever is done with me pls suggest me what I do and tell what the money is created to my account

  8. Dear sir. On 4/1/19 2000 rs is Transfered through UPI number xxxxxxxxxxx. From corporation bank to SBI. But the amount once created n debited. But the debited amount is not refunded. If I ask in bank both SBI and Corporation bank. They are not responsible it seems. Now what should I do. N how can i get money back PLZ HELP ME

  9. tried to transfer my amount to my second account, but transaction failed and money didn’t come back its been more than 15 days i used Tez upi to transfer and i have contacted ICICI bank and they are telling its been credited, i am not getting help from both of them and saying we successfully refunded and Canara bank saying we have successfully processed transaction.. can help me with resolution..

  10. I just transferred a amount of 5300 /- from my hdfc account to sbi account through BHIM UPI. However the money has been deducted but still the issue has been not resolved i have raised the ticket! Can you help me with this.

  11. My transaction of 10k got failed and money deducted from my acc on 7/01/2019 and today’s date is 21/01/2019 still iam waiting for my money . Now plz suggest me what should I do ?

  12. Dear Sir:

    i transaction last 28.12.18 my friend to 5000 transactions but that person not received money transaction failed but amount debited my account kindly
    refund my amount I already spoke many times with Google pay customer care it’s not responding my
    Request him told within 7 working days refund your money but days goes to 20 but Money not refund so please take immediate action for my enquiry because how I trust google pay and how to recommend others do something.

  13. My transaction of rs 8000/- was still processing from 22nd January and the amount debited from my account. Please suggest me how can I get my money back

  14. 6days back I sent 5000 to my friend account through Google pay, after a minute my friend return the 5000 amount to my account same Google pay and 2 times 5000, 5000 total 10000 Reversal ,after a minute 5000 only credited but not credit another 5000 still now , where I will clarify the issue and when I get amount …..

  15. on 24/1/19 amount 5015 was paid to paytm via upi FROM SBI A/C but transaction was failed but amount deducted

    pls solve the issue pls reqd help and return the money 5015 rs

  16. Sir ji mene paytm se sbi account se 2000,2000 ke 2 transaction kiye they jisme transaction faild ho gaya or ammount deduct ho gaya hy or abhi tak refund nahi hua hy jiska i date hy xxxxx reference id xxxxxxxxxx. xxxxxxxxxx mob. No. xxxxxxxxxx

  17. sir I am surya kanta rout sir I make a UPI transaction through paytm in sbi account. amount debited my account but transaction failed. I contract customer care and visit my bank branch but he don’t received my compliance. after 15 days I don’t refund my moneys. plz help me sir

  18. Dear SBI,

    Transaction got failed on 11.01.19 while I was transferring Rs 3900+3900 two time/- from my SBI A/C No. SBI xxxxxxxxx to airtel payments bank A/C No. xxxxxxxxx on sbi anywhere UPI Platform. I raise dispute on same day for which request number xxxxx and xxxxxx and transaction id xxxxxxxxxx

    Neither I nor the beneficiary has received the money yet even after 25 days.
    Please do something.

    Thank you

  19. I transferred the amount from my paytm savings to my SBI SB account on 27 jan2019 at 12.47 am.
    Though the transaction was successful the amount had not been credited in my account.please help

  20. I made a BHIM UPI Transaction of Rs 20000 but the transaction failed and money for debited. It’s been 2 days and I haven’t got my money back nor has it been credited to beneficiary. Please help

  21. I tried to transfer an amount of 10000 but the transaction got failed and amount debited from my account from Vijaya Bank upi app so it will be credited to my account or my friends account please say

  22. Transaction failed but amount has been deducted in TEZ app how much time it may take please do need full. Plz give me tez contact number or icici contact num thank you

  23. Transaction failed Upi 5000 debited
    by my account SBI
    Upi /dr — xxx
    TRF to xxxxx
    Plz return my money
    My Google pay xxxxx

  24. My transaction is successful and amount is debited but not credited in receiver’s account.i called phonepe so they told contact your bank and I contact my bank so they told contact phonepe.so what I do further? please reply

      • Sir I have transaction in 12 Apr 2019. My transaction is.successful but amount did not credited to.recivers.account. I used phone pe app for this transaction. What can I do.?I gone In bank also..they does not help me..they says this is third party issue

      • Sir maine 30 June को transaction kiya tha or transaction failed dikha raha hai or amount debit ho gaya h or abhi tak account me credit nahi hua hai pl help me.

  25. Sir
    I have transfered money from my central bank of india to sbi but money has been detectuded
    Till when the amount will get back
    Tranction was done on 21-05-19 8:41pm

  26. 20.09.2019 को 9000/-₹ BO BARODA से जळगांव जनता सहकारी बँक मे transfer किये थे वो आज तक transfer नही हुए A/C से 9000/-₹ deduct हुए

  27. Hi,
    On 1-08-2019, I transferred Rs. 14500/p via BHIM UPI through Airtel Payment Bank and amount us deducted from my SBI bank and transaction was failure, Money is deducted and not refunded till date.

    What I should do now to get refund? I had talk with Airtel Payment Bank and they told that transaction got failure so amount to be refunded by SBI into you my account.

    I lodge complain to SBI and Airtel Payment Bank but no body is helping me in this regards, Please let me know to proceed for further action.

  28. I made a transaction of 4195.12 on 3rd May using Google Pay. The app was showing the transaction is completed but the vendor didn’t receive the amount. I have contacted the customer care several times, but nothing.

  29. I have initiated a transaction through USSD Code (*99#) i.e the registered bhim upi portal.
    i have transfered 5000 rs. to my friend on 13/08/2019. one month has passed and no money is received in any account.
    i have complained in bank as well as NPCI UPI portal but bank is saying it is not their matter, money is deducted from their bank. and NPCI is saying the money is already is credited to my friend’s account.
    Now i’m stuck where to file a grievance to get my money back.

  30. Hii please help me at the time of booking train tickets the transaction failed and 7885 rupees deducuted from my account. Then i asked for help to phone pe they ensured me that they will return me in 3 working days period. But till now i didn’t return back my refund.

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